Publications by Gregory Nisnevich

1. Calculation of Faulty Layer Depth During the Grinding Without Cooling, Proc. Conf. of Colleges from Baltic Countries, Belarus and Moldavia, Tallinn, 1981, pp. 167-168 (with E. I. Makharinsky and V. A. Rabinovich; in Russian).

2. The CAD System for Machine Tool Packaging , Proc. All-Union Conference "Automated Design in Mechanical Engineering", Izhevsk, 1985, p.117 (with L. E. Grinberg, A. N. Konnikov, and A. M. Rabinovich; in Russian).

3. Using of the Concept of Information in the Design of Technological Processes and Automatic Manufacturing Systems, Manuscript deposited in VNIITEMR  (All-Union Institute of Technical and Economical Information in Mechanical Engineering), 1987 (with V. S. Misevich; in Russian).

4*. Design of NC Machine Control Systems with Synchronous Feedback, Stanki i Instrument (Soviet Engineering Research), 10(1988), pp. 34-36 (with V. S. Misevich; in Russian).

5*. An Add-on Software Library for SM-4 Computer Based CAD Workstations, Stanki i Instrument, 10(1988), p.38 (with E. Y. Arshansky, A. E. Petrilin, and A. M. Rabinovich; in Russian).

6. Automated Tracing of Part Numbers on Assembly Drawings, Mechanizatcyja i Automatizatcyja Proizvodstwa (Mechanization and Automation of Manufacturing), 2(1989), pp. 14-15 (with A. E. Petrilin, and A. M. Rabinovich; in Russian).

7. Specialized CAD Systems, in Proc. Regional Conference "CAD Problems. PC Software", Vitebsk, 1989, pp. 10-12 (with E. Y. Arshansky, A. E. Petrilin, A. M. Rabinovich, and Z. M. Roohman; in Russian).

8. Extended Model of the Packaging Design Automation, in Automation of Technological Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems , Minsk, 1989, pp. 142-151 (with A. G. Rakovich; in Russian).

9. Computing Complexity of Structural Synthesis Problems, Minsk, 1990 (in Russian).

10. Automation of Rational Synthesis of Packaging Constructions for Large Machinery, Proc. Regional Conference "Computers and Applications", Vitebsk, 1990, pp. 47-50 (in Russian).

11. Automation of Structural Synthesis of  Packaging for Technological Facilities, Manuscript deposited in VNIITEMR, 1990 (in Russian).

12*. Informational Structure and Adaptivity of the "Upakovka" CAD system, Stanki I Instrument, 6(1991), pp. 5-6 (in Russian).

13. Optimization of Technological Facilities Layout in Packing Space, in Automation of the Design of Technological Processes and Tools, Minsk, 1991, pp. 135-152 (in Russian).

14. Design Using Computer, Minsk, 1991 (with E. Y. Arshansky, and A.E. Petrilin; in Russian).

15. Elaborated Models, Algorithms, and Programs for Automated Design of Packaging for Large Machinery, Author's abstract of thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences , Minsk, 1991.

16. Interlaminate Strength and Processing Efficiency Improvements in Laminated Object Manufacturing, Proc. 5th Conf. on Rapid Prototyping, Dayton, OH, June 1994, pp. 171-180 (with S. S. Pak).

17. Laser Beam Diameter Compensation for Helisys LOM Machine, Proc. 6th Conf. on Rapid Prototyping, Dayton, OH, June 1995, pp. 171-178 (with D. C. H. Yang, Y. Jou, T. Kong, and J.-J. Chuang).

18. Laminated Object Manufacturing, in Stereolithography & Other RP&M Technologies: From Rapid Prototyping to Rapid Tooling, Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Deaborn, MI, 1995, pp. 367-384 (with S. S. Pak, J. Maher, and M. Feygin).

19. Swift and Stable Polygon Growth and Poly-line Offset, Computer-Aided Design, Volume 30, Number 11, September 1998, pp. 847 - 852 (with G. Kalmanovich)

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